Urban Camo Kit

Defense and HLS forces around the world ate operating more and more in the Urban Environment, from SF units in Afghanistan villages dealing with terrorists to SWAT teams dealing with drug dealers in the major cities.

The Urban Environment place a new challenge for snipers and other forces who want to see and not being seen. Our Urban Camo Kit give the operator the ability to do exactly that.  



Measurements (packed Kit): Length 60cm, Diameter– 15cm

Measurements (Deployed): Length 200cm, Height– 200cm


Pack Sac, made from Nylon 420 fabric,

can be used to close other openings (such as doors),

Measurements: Length– 3m, Width– 2.2m.

Can be separated into two 1.5mX2.2m parts  Mesh, 200g Sq.M including built in poles

Poles, Aluminum 7075

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